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A Content Management System (CMS) is an important element in any business environment.   A CMS enables businesses to update and maintain their own web information which allows visitors to always have access to the latest content, products and services, while reducing the cost of having a web developer make changes.  Use of a CMS permits individuals and companies to quickly and easily modify their website without web design experience.

If you need custom modules created for your CMS website, Morris Code is able to help.  We can help create any website feature or functionality you might need.  Already have systems in place that do not need to be recreated?  Interatration with current systems is possible.

Some of the many advantages of using a CMS are:

  • Website Updates - Updates can be done quickly and easily by you instead of having to pay a developer's hourly rate for changes. 
  • Control access to data - By defining user roles within the system, organisations with many content contributors can enforce restrictions on how or what the contributors may edit.
  • Dynamic Content - Instead of editing several pages, content can be reused in many places on the website and formatted for any device.  Functionality like searching, forums, polls and news can all be built into the site.
  • Separate design from the content - Content does not need to be tied to layout and design. Whereas changing each page individually is time consuming and expensive, our system of keeping content seperate from the layout allows a change of design to be quickly applied to the entire site. 
  • Revision control - If you accidently removed something you wanted, going back to the original version is simple without endless copying of files or confusion surrounding file versions. 
  • Template - By templating the design of the site, you are able to create a professional, uniform look which is also easy to manage.

We would be happy to discuss the advantages that a CMS system could provide to you and your organization.